不可捉摸  bù kě zhuō mō







  • 尽情交流吧,明天变得不可捉摸!!
    Exchanges heartily, will become tomorrow evasive! !

  • 十个不可捉摸的贵族代表了十项戒律。
    The ten lords a-leaping were the ten commandments.

  • 不要用这样一个不可捉摸的问题来烦我。
    Don't trouble me with such an elusive problem.

  • 虽然我的梦想还有机会,但未来完全不可捉摸
    My dream had a shot at survival, but the future was anything but certain.

  • 人心真是不可捉摸
    The heart is a strange thing;

  • 莎士比亚似乎理解“原创内容”的不可捉摸之处。
    Shakespeare seemed to understand the slipperiness of "original content".

  • 我也很喜欢尼娜;她是那样离奇有趣,不可捉摸
    I liked Nina, too; she was so quaint and unexpected.

  • 暮色中我看见了她在微笑,那种不可捉摸的女人的微笑。
    In the dusk I saw her smile , that incredible female smile .

  • 未来似乎那么不可捉摸,而每一项技术创新又都是那么激动人心。
    Future appears so cannot ascertain, and each technology innovation is so stirring.

  • 爱情真的是不可捉摸,伤心过,还在等待那个她,不知何时出现!
    There used to be a true love for me. But I didn't cherish it.

  • 即使曾国藩这流人物,对谶事亦不乏觉得不可捉摸不可不信之时。
    Tseng Kuo-fan that even if the flow of people, there is no lack of prophecy, we also feel that elusive nor may from time to time when the letter.

  • 尼克松由于擅长掌握不可捉摸的事物,完全明白怎样讲才恰到好处。
    Nixon with his mastery of intangibles knew how to strike the right note.

  • 作为语言,这些被动句是软弱无力的;作为说明,它们又是含糊不可捉摸的。
    As language, these passive statements are weak; as statements, they are evasive and vague.

  • 何谓幻想?可能就是那不可捉摸的真理的影子,也可能就是心灵的思维能力。
    What is imagination? Perhaps it is a shadow of the intangible truth, perhaps it is the soul's thought!

  • 正是中国人性格中的这种因素使他们变得不可捉摸,也使我对中国人的将来不能臆测。
    It is this element in their character that makes them incalculable, and makes it impossible even to guess at their future.

  • 超越已发生的一切之上,虽不可捉摸却很真实,是一种流连在他心头的奇特的权力感。
    Over and above all that had happened, impalpable but real, there remained to him a queer sense of power.

  • 他们常常日复一日地被限制于董事会的规定,家长的压力,以及对不可捉摸之年轻人的接近。
    They are often limited by board rules, parental pressures, and proximity of the unpredictable young people day after day after day.

  • 自然不可捉摸:地球的反应如此不可预测,因此我们既不能预测也不能准确地筹划我们的未来。
    Nature is capricious: Earth's reactions are so unpredictable that we cannot predict nor accurately plan our future.

  • 然而我什么也没做,以因为遭受的袭击是如此不可捉摸,并且是来自一个完全不会意料的力量。
    Yet, I did nothing, for the attack was so unpredictable and from a source so totally unexpected.

  • 保健课上到最后,那个男人似乎是深思熟虑地加上了这么一句,脸上写着同样份量的沉静和不可捉摸
    At the end of the medical lecture the man added this rather thoughtfully, his face a perfect study in equal measures of calm and distance.

  • 然而,暴露在低水平但持久的污染中对人类健康所产生的不可捉摸的长期影响,对整个人类来说更为重大。
    However, of much greater significance for the total population are the subtle, long range effects on human health of exposure to low level, long -lasting pollution.

  • 这里既有现代官僚机器的异己力量,也包含了某些神秘,即海勒自己所感到的不可捉摸、无力把握的异己力量。
    Here both the bureaucratic machinery of the modern forces of dissidents, but also includes some mysterious, that is felt by Heller elusive own, unable to grasp the strength of the dissidents.

  • 在地球漫长的历史中,每个人的一生短如一瞬,快乐和悲伤总是不可捉摸,而死亡则注定在生命之路的尽头等候。
    In the long history of the earth our life is but a second. Being happy or sad is not for sure but death is for sure, waiting at the end of our road.

  • 他(布什)总是焦躁不安而不可捉摸。在与克里姆林宫里同样不可捉摸的力量打交道时,这一点可能令他占有优势。
    He (George Bush) is restless and unpredictable, and that could give him an edge in dealings with the equally unpredictable forces in the Kremlin.

  • 布里埃尔是像风一样的人,我向你保证。魅力四射,却不可捉摸。但她似乎很关心这个小东西,为什么不干脆让她照顾。
    Briel is wind, I grant you that. Hot, but wind. But she seems to care for the whelp, so why not leave it to her?

  • 也因此,对我而言,照相机就自然成了一个探针式的活物,可以帮我探索那个所有被摄体都被纠缠在一起的不可捉摸的心理丛林。
    the use of the object as a symbol, and hence, of the camera as a living instrument to probe the intangible psychological jungle in which every object is enmeshed.

  • 但是当人们畏缩而胆怯地不去管一切不可捉摸和比较复杂的东西时,那末能吸引我们去认识自然界的这一渺小部分的究竟又是什么呢?
    But what can be the attraction of getting to know such a tiny section of nature thoroughly, while one leaves everything subtler and more complex shyly and timidly alone?

  • 分析人士称,考虑到许多欧洲议会议员(MEP)不可捉摸的个性,这些党派当前面临的挑战是如何在欧洲议会内部构建一个统一的组织。
    The challenge for these parties now, analysts said, was to form a coherent grouping in the European parliament, given the unpredictable nature of many of their MEPs.

  • 靠近地平线的太阳,像一团快要熄灭的火球,几乎被那些混混沌沌的浓雾同蒸气遮没了,让你觉得它好像是什么密密团团,然而轮廓模糊、不可捉摸的东西。
    Near the horizon the sun was smoldering dimly, almost obscured by formless mists and vapors, which gave an impression of mass and density without outline or tangibility.

  • 作为生命个体,尤其是喜欢冒险并有着复杂经历的海明威,不可避免地多次与死亡擦肩而过,受到死神的捉弄并惶恐地感到死之凄凉、死之无常和死之不可捉摸
    As a human being, be had a complex experience and especially liked adventure, and inevitably facing with death many times. He may had the feeling with miserable death by the tease and fear of it.

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