勉为其难  miǎn wéi qí nán







  • 工作环境中常常勉为其难的做事情吗?
    Under working circumstances do you always do what you are reluctant to do?

  • 让我预测25年后会发生什么有些勉为其难了。
    It's hard for me to predict what will happen in 25 years.

  • 俺们也是勉为其难,谁愿意抛头露面招人嫌呢?
    I wish I was special, so fucking special…

  • 不要勉为其难,最好的事情会在你失望的时候出现。
    Don't try to hard, the best things come when you least expect them to.

  • 如果你勉为其难去榨葡萄,你的勉强将在酒中渗入毒液。
    And if you grudge the crushing of the grapes, your grudge distils a poison in the wine.

  • 勉为其难的为我在这系列里创造了这个独特和美丽的角色。
    He pushed to make me part of this cast and created a series that was unique and beautiful.

  • 另一方面,女性常常对于触摸男性的性器官根本上感到勉为其难
    Women, on the other hand, were often reluctant to touch the male sex organs at all.

  • 这样一名前锋去打圣诞树体系里的单前锋,确实有点勉为其难了。
    Such forward to play a Christmas tree in a single-striker system, do a bit of reluctance.

  • 不管其股份的规模,政府坚持其持有股票是勉为其难,且将不插手业务管理。
    Despite the size of its stake, the government is adamant that it is a reluctant shareholder and will stay out of managing the business.

  • 所有的政府,甚至勉为其难的德国,都明白他们正在朝着一种财政联邦主义迈进。
    All governments, even that of reluctant Germany, understand that they have taken a step towards a kind of fiscal federalism.

  • 但总的来说,他们是在勉为其难,因为工程师和设备的短缺,以及开采成本的增大。
    But on the whole, they are struggling to increase their output, owing to shortages of engineers and equipment, and to the concomitant rise in development costs.

  • 然而要使目不转睛现象有所缓解,这对热衷上网或者看电视的人来说,有点勉为其难
    However, in order to ease turns heads, which is enthusiastic about the Internet or watching television people, a little reluctance.

  • 『在你做任何决定前,给我女儿一个解释的机会,』老女人要求道。他勉为其难的答应了。
    "Give my daughter a chance to explain before you do anything, " the old woman pleaded. Reluctantly, he agreed.

  • 当他还只有十几岁时,父亲失业了,卡里不得不做了一个看门人,勉为其难地边上学边工作。
    While in his teens, he had to take a job as a janitor when his father lost his job and he had to juggle both school and work.

  • 里斯-琼斯“勉为其难”他作了回答,事后发现他们引用他的话说戴安娜曾呼唤多迪的名字。
    "Desperate " to come up with answers, he found himself quoted as saying that Diana had cried out Dodi's name.

  • 无论如何,与性及性别有关的议题过于庞杂和过于复杂,在此要做出适当的阐述则会勉为其难
    In any case, the issues related to sex and gender are too numerous and too complex for an adequate treatment here.

  • 我知道我必须为球队付出更多,但是上场时间越高,对我这个年龄的人来说也确实有点勉为其难
    "It affects me because I like to do a lot of extra work between games, " Fisher said. "When the minutes are high, that's tough to do.

  • 起初他有些勉为其难,但政府保证,如果他从地铁和普通交通标识入手,就会有机会为博物馆工作。
    He was reluctant at first, but the government promised that if he first did the subways and transportation system in general, they would allow him to work on the museums.

  • 约什史密夫期望得到一份年薪超过1000万的合同,但是这样的价钱对于鹰队来说显得有些勉为其难
    Smith is hoping for an annual salary in excess of $10 million while the Hawks are reluctant to meet his price.

  • 或许称“厂”有些勉为其难,因为全部家当只有一台二手活版机,仅能做一点信纸、名片、单据的简单活件。
    Perhaps known as " factory " some out of the question, as all the time there is only one second-hand letterpress machine to do a bit of stationery, business cards, documents of simple living.

  • 但是这些措施的实施还是靠各省政府官员,他们勉为其难,并不会强迫干部中断生产,那样会造成更多人失业。
    But the funding for expanding these efforts will rest largely on provincial officials, who will be reluctant to compel local cadres to disrupt production and lay off even more workers.

  • 一些女性对操弄男性的阴茎感到勉为其难,因为她们认为这样的行为不适合女性,是孩子气十足,或者令人憎恶。
    Some women are reluctant to manipulate a man's penis because they believe that such behavior is unfeminine, childish, or wicked.

  • 如今上场的队员中,87年后的孩子竟然有6名,指望他们惊鸿一瞥或许还可以,但让他们赢球就确实勉为其难了。
    Now the players in the game, 87 years after the child was a six, count on them to Jinghong and maybe even at a glance, but they did win on the reluctance.

  • 因此一段时间以后,德国人很可能要不得不勉为其难地接受来自邻国的烟囱清洁工——无论他们彼此之间能否相互容忍。
    So Germans are likely to be stuck with their neighbourhood Schornsteinfegers—whether they can stand each other or not—for some time to come.

  • 我认为他是世界上最好的球员之一,说他是世界上最好的球员有点勉为其难,因为还有很多厉害的球员遍布在世界各地。
    I think he is one of the best. To say that he is the best is difficult because there are a lot of good players around the world, but he is one of them and that is a fact.

  • 我们真的太需要这种能够担当职责的人了,他们不会勉为其难地去做一份工作,而是会像善牧一样投身其中,悉心照顾羊群。
    How very much we need people who undertake their tasks, not merely as a job, but as pastoral care.

  • 因此今后一段时间,德国各个分区的烟囱清洁工很可能要不得不勉为其难地“与邻为善”——无论他们彼此之间能否相互容忍。
    So Germans are likely to be stuck with their neighbourhood Schornsteinfegers—whether they can stand each other or not—for some time to come.

  • 离婚律师称,在目前经济前景不明朗的情况下,许多夫妇因为害怕独自面对经济困境而推迟了离婚的时间,勉为其难继续住在一起。
    Divorce lawyers say many couples are delaying the decision to dissolve marriages and are staying in unpleasant situations for fear of being on their own at a time of economic uncertainties isk.

  • 尽管一些趋势将会继续支撑中国的汽车销售──比如居民富裕水平提高和汽车保有量较低──但保持今年这样的飞速增长却有些勉为其难
    While trends such as rising wealth levels and low car-ownership levels should continue to support Chinese auto sales, maintaining the breakneck pace of this year's growth will be a stretch.

  • 迫使用户在复杂的情景中从顶上、侧面和前面各个角度定位对象,并期望他在大脑中实时进行三角测绘实在不容易,即使对于建模专家也是勉为其难的。
    the top, side, and front, and then expecting him to triangulate in his head in real time is a bit much to expect, even from modeling whizzes.

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