一以贯之  yī yǐ guàn zhī








  • 中庸道是儒学一以贯之的思想要义。
    The Golden Way is the consistent core idea of the Confucianism.

  • 态度和要求致,一以贯之
    there are sameness between the attitude and the request.

  • 韩国政府仍将对朝鲜采取一以贯之的政策。
    'Our government will maintain a consistent policy' toward the North, he added.

  • 她具有一以贯之的平民立场,赞扬他们顽强的生存能力;
    She has unchangeable civilian"s position, speaking favorably them stubborn exist ability."

  • 粤东词有独特的发展道路,也有基本一以贯之的主导风格。
    The lyrical poetry of Eastern Guangdong has its unique path of development and its dominant persistent style.

  • 我还从他那里学到了如何中庸允执于哲学思考且能一以贯之
    I learned from him also consistency and undeviating steadiness in my regard for philosophy;

  • 强调党的纪律是一以贯之的,越是改革开放,越要重申党的纪律。
    The discipline that emphasizes a party is one with be linked together, the more reforming and opening, want to reiterate the discipline of the party more.

  • 点评: 涛声依旧,稳中求胜的策略一以贯之,暂别荐股期待复出。
    Comments: Taoshengyijiu, Wenzhongqiusheng of a consistent strategy, say goodbye to the recommended stocks look back.

  • 虽然这个文本由系列课堂演讲组成,却包含着一以贯之的精深思考。
    Although this text consists of a series of classroom lecture, it is composed with great care.

  • 文言文与传统密不可分,给予文言文地,使华夏传统一以贯之
    Old Chinese Writings and tradition cannot be divided, and this gave Old Chinese Writings a seat in Chinese culture.

  • 李商隐生受儒、道、释思想的影响,积极用世是他一以贯之的政治追求;
    Li Shangyin received the thought affects from Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism in all his life, and its his politics pursue that he zealously participated in the society.

  • 比如,坚持扩大内需、加快结构调整、坚持和完善基本经济制度等都是一以贯之的。
    For example, on expanding domestic demand, speeding up structural adjustment, adhere to and improve the basic economic system are to accomplish this.

  • 完美的工艺、流畅的造型、优质的产品、热情的服务是“金星” 灯具一以贯之的追求。
    Perfect technology, fluid modeling, high-quality products, friendly service is "Venus" One lamp consistent pursuit.

  • 它坚持和发展了马克思列宁主义、毛泽东思想,体现了马克思主义基本原理的一以贯之
    The theory sticks to and develops Marxism, Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought, shows the consistency of Marxist fundamental principles.

  • 几百年来,不论什麽事物,都起了巨大的变化,只有这种最古老的娱乐,始终一以贯之
    In recent centuries everything in the world had undergone a dramatic change. Only this most ancient form of entertainment had remained unchanged.

  • 学界并没有正视民歌次次地对文人诗的挽救,并没有看清音乐性才是诗歌一以贯之的红线。
    Literary circles didn't face the fact that folk songs saved the poems written by literators again and again, and they haven't recognized that the music nature is the main line of the poetry.

  • 民族精神是个民族在其历史发展过程中所形成和表现出来的一以贯之的民族品质,是民族的“魂”。
    National spirit, the "heart""and""soul"of a nation, is a consistent national quality which is formed and displayed in the development of her history.

  • 讽刺在世界文学中历史悠久,在我国亦有一以贯之的传统,为国统区讽刺文学的兴盛提供了艺术资源。
    There is a very long history, the irony is practered in the world literature, It is so in China.

  • 注重在实践中发展和完善民族政策,既一以贯之脉相承,又不断适应时代的新变化、满足人民的新期待。
    The government is keen on developing and improving its ethnic policies in practice, ensuring both its continuity and adaptability to changes of the times and the expectations of the people.

  • 尽管如此,我们也能从中国学到很多东西,也就是,致力于大型的、长期项目,国家建设目标,并一以贯之
    That said, there are some things we could learn from China, namely the ability to focus on big, long-term, nation-building goals and see them through.

  • 这固然是美国一以贯之的意识形态思维作怪,同时也反映出我们文化输出的内容和质量没有发挥出有效的影响力。
    This is, of course, the United States a consistent ideological thinking, then, at the same time our culture reflecting the content and quality of output did not play an effective influence.

  • 毛泽东主张给农民看得见的物质利益,但由于种种主客观原因,毛泽东的农民物质利益思想在实践中没有一以贯之
    Mao Zedong once proposed granting the farmers perceptible material benefits, but due to various reasons, this thinking has not been put into practice.

  • 蜀地自古移民频繁,其民间信仰既有一以贯之的蜀地本土传统,又有历史上几次大规模移民所带来的移民文化痕迹。
    Its folk godliness possesses of both the sustained civic tradition of Shu area and the traces of migrant culture brought by several big-scope migrations in history.

  • 罪刑法定原则并不仅仅限于被写入刑法典,它需要刑事法律规范一以贯之,否则罪刑法定原则则将徒具形式上的意义。
    Moreover, from the angle of law|making, it is better to be regarded as an important one in criminal legislation.

  • 无论在宏观的、理论的层面,还是在微观的、实践的层面,教育改革对市场机制或民主机制的选择应表现出一以贯之的逻辑和方向。
    Whether we choose market mechanism or democratic mechanism, it is important for us to keep consistency macroscopically and microcosmically, as well as theoretically and practically.

  • 规则因时事而变,但其所遵循的政治伦理理念却当一以贯之。公、正、平、和的政治伦理理念在现代政治中彻得好,和谐社会当下即是。
    The political ethics that rules adhere to is consistent Hardly is the political ethics of equity and justice well implemented in modern politics when harmonious society follows.

  • 作者将其生的智慧学识和观察浓缩在这本书中,传达他一以贯之的世界价值观,本书将成为格林斯潘送给人类社会最珍贵的智慧遗产。
    The distillation of a life's worth of wisdom and insight into an elegant expression of a coherent worldview, The Age of Turbulence will stand as Alan Greenspan's personal and intellectual legacy.

  • 目前,布朗在政府开支问题上的真实立场并不定是对的,甚至他自己也不定能一以贯之的坚持下去,因为他决定在这个问题上玩些聪明的政治把戏。
    Yet Mr Brown's substantive position on spending does not have to be right, or even internally consistent, for his determination to fight on this turf to be clever politics.

  • 当然,鲁迅对当时还默默无闻的冯至给予如此高的赞誉,还与他一以贯之的爱护青年、提携新锐那博大无私的爱分不开,也与他对创造社与新月社的不满有关。
    Of course, Luxun gives so high value to Fengzhi when he is only an unknown young poet, which also connects with Luxun's abundant love of cherishing young people and supporting the youth.

  • 要从事我认为的那种真正的宏观经济学的研究——亦即恪守凯恩斯和希克斯一以贯之的那种传统——实际上会牵涉到对相互依赖的几个市场的思考。这样的思考,很多经济学家还没学到。
    Doing what I think of as real macroeconomics —the tradition that runs through Keynes and Hicks —actually involves thinking about interdependent markets, in a way many economists never learn to do.

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